Bed & Breakfast Brigitte Gross und Martin Gex

House and Farm

Our farm is located in the Bernese Seeland, a region noted for its fertile fields and numerous lakes. You will find our farm between the villages of Ins and Brüttelen (on the way between Ins and Biel). Here you can enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled view of the region (including Lake Murten) and the Bernese Alps.

On our farm there are 132 additionally purchased bulls, which are the offspring of milk cows and which remain about a year with us in a special walkabout stall, and 25 cattle. These can go to pasture when the weather is nice. Their meat is sold as „Eisser Beef“ in the village butchery.

In our fields we sow bread wheat, forage maize (for the animals), sugar beets and lots of grass as pasturage for the cattle.

Other animals living on our farm include our two horses (Cara and Lady) and two dogs (Chicca and Mia).